August and September 2012 Statistics

DC DV Court Watch Project volunteers sat in on 132 CPO cases.

Where the gender of the parties was recorded:

Petitioners: 89 females, 24 males. Petitioners were female in 78% of the cases;

Respondents: 35 females, 79 males. Respondents were male in 69% of the cases.

Where the perceived race of the parties was recorded:

Petitioners: 85 black/African American, 11 white, 2 Hispanic, Asian,  7“other”

Respondents: 86 black/African American,  11 white, 0 Hispanic, 1 Asian,  13 “other”

The racial break-down of cases recorded for parties were disproportionately African-American.

Where the relationship of the parties in the cases was recorded (with some overlap):

21 were married,   

39 previously dated or were romantically involved,

involved stalking, where in which, there was not necessarily a prior relationship,

19 had a child in common,

had a partner in common,

11 were relatives,

13 were roommates.


Where the outcomes of the cases were recorded:


Dismissed With Prejudice: 2,

Dismissed Without Prejudice: 29 ( 15 which were because Petitioner was absent, 2 of which were due to failure of service multiple times, and 8 of which were at Petitioner’s request–often because of failure to serve Respondent)


41 granted (33 were through consent orders or default because Respondent did not appear, and 8 were in contested hearings);

denied (in contested hearing)


47 granted (15 of which were because no service of process had occurred, 6 of which were at Petitioner’s request, 20 of which were ordered by the judge, and 6 due to trailing criminal case)


Thank you for your continued interest in and support of the DC Domestic Violence Court Watch Project! Please email if you are interested in getting involved. Check back in very soon to see our mid-year report on all data collected!


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